Tuesday, January 29, 2013

weather systems

So much goofiness in the weather systems this month! How can you keep up?! Cold, gray, sunny, wet, foggy warm, stormy, rainy and now, tomorrow -- snow, cold and who knows what will be here after that...

It's rare to listen to a thunder storm roll through a January night, but we surely heard one last night. And this morning, I faced a morning drive through dense fog. The type where I can't see the end of the road. As always, I'm happy to be living so close to my workplace. And as always, I wish there was nearby public transportation to get me to campus.

DSC00575 - Version 2

The rains came down again this afternoon and flooding in this region suddenly became a very real possibility: the ground is frozen solid -- streams of rain have nowhere to go. Our own yard looks like it may be contemplating the formation of a pond.

DSC00576 - Version 2

At least the old snow will be washed away and the new snow will bring a sense of a deep Midwestern winter that's been a little missing this year.

In the meantime, work keeps me indoors. Tuesdays are tough days and this day began so early and ran so much without interruption that Ed agreed to take-out for dinner. Thai. Very good. With leftovers, in case the winter storm that's brewing delivers more than we bargained for tomorrow.