Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the last day of classes

It tugs at your heart. The last class with this particular group of students, the last time to work with their dynamic. I grow to like them. Really a lot. I have three classes, three different groups, all good groups, never to convene as groups again after today.

Still, I so appreciate that I am done with class preparations. For a while. If I ever worried whether taking a salary cut was worth it for a summer off, I tell you, right now, in my most tired state -- oh YES!

I drive home. I haven’t biked once this year – an indication of how full my days have been. (Also, I admit it, it was easier to bike knowing that it would be a 22 minute ride, rather than what is, realistically now, one hour each way.)

Done. I leave the campus, the city, all of it. 


Hello you. Did you know I’m done teaching? Yep, absolutely done.