Monday, February 10, 2014


For the third night in a row, Isis seriously disrupted the night for me. Probably for Ed as well, but he wont admit it. The cat's a saint as far as he's concerned.

It's not that I think Isis is misbehaving (and it's not that I could do anything about it if he were -- Isis is an old dude, he's allowed to be a little crotchety, though honestly -- he just gets mellower by the day, so really, it's not his fault). But it is true that once in bed, I cannot move without first inspecting where Isis is.  I don't want to kick the little guy meanly to the floor (it has happened!) and so I wiggle into some semi-comfortable scrunched position and will myself to doze off, with mixed results. Add to it Ed's erratic sleep patterns and you've got yourself a problem. Or, I've got myself a problem, because honestly -- my two bedfellows appear to be unfazed by it all.

What to do... I've reviewed with you, here on Ocean,  my proposal (bigger bed), Ed's proposal (no bed) and nothing seems perfect, except that I do know this -- something's gotta give. The cat has complete control of my sleep cycle.

And, in addition, we are up early today. Ed has an appointment and I am the designated driver and so after a rushed bite to eat (can't even fully call it breakfast)...

farmette winter-2.jpg

...we're off.

By the time we're done with all this, it's the afternoon. And we have another bigger breakfast then, because it's cold outside, we're hungry, I'm tired -- all circumstances leading me to want more food.

farmette winter-12.jpg

On our outing, we had stopped at a grocery store for milk and while there, Ed told me to pick out some Valentine's Day flowers (I'd started my annual "you don't get me flowers anymore" whine), preferably ones from the under $10 bucket and I oblige.

I mean, they're not glorious, but on the upside, glorious flowers fade and that's sad, whereas these stay around forever and when they're gone, you're basically okay about it, ready for something new.

In the evening I was going to make chili. If ever there was a night to have chili, this is it, friends! Chili for the last night when the biting wind will push the temps into the minus ridiculous range. But suddenly it felt too ambitious, too complicated, too unnecessary. We settle for broccoli eggs which is about as low as you can go for a supper preparation. Thanks, Isis.

farmette winter-18.jpg

And there you have it -- a Monday that's a little different, although with awfully similar photos, because when you're tired, you just don't put yourself out much.