Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I can’t remember ever spending this many waking hours cleaning a place that was already pristine immaculate. That’s what marketing your property is like for me – eliminating any signs of having made a mark on my living space.  

Perhaps I went overboard. Buying a new duvet cover for example.
Ed asks -- what the heck is a duvet?
It’s like a quilt with a French pronunciation.
Since when is a quilt called a duvet?
It’s not duh-vet, it’s doo-vey.
Why aren’t we looking on Amazon or e-bay for a cheap one? And what’s wrong with the one currently on the bed anyway.
It is so thread bare that I can no longer patch the rips. Besides, it does not show off the bedroom well.

Show off. That’s what you need to do – to wake people up so that they'll notice. And since today I have a showing, everything has to shine.

The duvet, new cover and all, never looked so good.


Sigh. I have in me five showings. After that I wont care. Take it or leave it. Look beyond the fingerprints, for God’s sake. It is such a better deal than the newer less well finished units that the developer is trying to foist on you!

And yet, I want to attract the right person. I put this space together. I want a person with heart and soul. Erring on the side of being happy.

Ed says I haven't an entrepreneurial bone in my body. Perhaps he's right.