Wednesday, February 06, 2013


If I posted no words today, just a handful of photos, you'd get my day right. Only, maybe you'd falsely believe that we were made mellow by sunshine all day long. In truth, the sun was an on again off again kind of thing, but everything else is quite accurate.

The glance out the window at sunrise.

DSC00840 - Version 2

Breakfast in the sun room.

DSC00847 - Version 2

A quick look at the farmhouse from the sheep shed path.

DSC00850 - Version 2

Then, work, work, campus work, work and then, blissfully home. Just before sunset. Enough time for a quick hour on our local trails.

DSC00853 - Version 2


So no words today. No time, no talent for it, not today. Just the photos.

DSC00860 - Version 2

A handful, quickly taken, before the light disappears.

DSC00878 - Version 2

A final one of supper: turkey chili, with our garden tomatoes hogging the limelight.

DSC00882 - Version 2

And that's it. There is no more. Or at least there isn't time for more.