Thursday, March 08, 2012

finding gold

It’s still too cold to, say, take a leisurely stroll at the end of the day. If you’re walking, it better be brisk. And I’m still ignoring Rosie, my motorbike. Sometime in the coldest months (which everyone says weren’t that cold) I felt chilled and it’ll take a while to get me excited about sitting still on a scooter on anything but a warm day.

But the light each day is tremendous! Solid, stronger each day, longer too, of course, but mostly more brazen and bold – the kind that says I dare you to stay indoors.

Nonetheless, I stay indoors. This is the fussiness that comes with spring: anything less than forty is not good enough. Cold.

But the spring bulbs know better.

DSC00670 - Version 2

They're popping up! First one spotted this morning!

Me, I’m waiting for the warmth to take hold again. Soon, they say. Hold your breath and count to three. Give or take.