Monday, October 04, 2010

staring at the sky

Oh that blue! That stellar blue! We have a week ahead full of it and sometimes I think if there is a time to run from work it should be right now, with all that blue and a promise of more blue for days to come.

But, I don’t run away. Instead, I bike to work. With blues coming at me from all sides.



Though on the ride home (circuitous, because I have to pick up DVDs at the library) I am reminded that this Fall will forever stick in my mind as the time of purple asters.


In other news... well, truthfully, there’s no other news worth noting here.

I did have a half hour this afternoon, during which I needed to kill time. Not wanting to go back to my office (once I’m out, I’m out), I went to the bookstore and read a magazine on how to create a livable space with 500 square feet to work with. Lovely moment.

There will never be a time in which I will be creating a livable space for myself of that size – not anytime soon anyway, but it was exciting to think that I would enjoy doing just that.

That’s it. Nothing more to report.