Thursday, September 19, 2019


A little rain, a little thunder. Enough to keep us indoors this morning. Attending: to paper work. To others. To future plans and today's necessities.

After breakfast of course.

farmette life-3.jpg

A morning, washed away by useless (for us) weather. But, I filed all necessary documents for my share of the jackpot in the Equifax Credit Monitoring Breach Settlement: if all goes well, I will get some fraction of $125!  The morning was not a total wash!

In the afternoon, I pick up Snowdrop, who would very much like to show you how heavy her backpack is.

farmette life-8.jpg

In an unusual twist to our routines, I take her straight to the Fitchburg Farmers Market. It's a special one: kids are the focus of it. There are wagon rides, crafts, treats. For Snowdrop, there is the double fun of being allowed to climb onto Farmer Natalie's truck to pick a huge number of tomatoes for our freezer. It's all great fun for her! As Natalie said to me -- Snowdrop is just like her grandma -- all smiles and happiness! I consider it the greatest compliment to be viewed in the same league as this:

(a ride)

farmette life-17.jpg


farmette life-47.jpg

(cheese curds!)

farmette life-53.jpg

farmette life-55.jpg

(making a spider..)

farmette life-62.jpg

(another ride!)

farmette life-67.jpg

And toward evening, there is Storybook Ballet.

farmette life-89.jpg

The day ends quietly. Meditatively. Autumnally.