Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Well, that was a rough one.

I hadn't fully grasped this: if the forecast is of gale-force winds, you don’t use your bike to get to work.

But I understood the minute I stepped outside. Deep blue skies, nice coors, who knew that it was going to be a nasty ride?


And let me tell you, if the ride to work was nasty (nothing like a record breaking gust hitting you at the side), the ride home, in the shadowy darkness of dusk, was worse.


Into the wind. With a stop at Whole Foods to pick up stuff for soup. Stay safe, the clerk tells me. Yes, sure. With a chicken fastened precariously to the back with a bungee cord and a pack filled with random veggies – I’ll stay safe.

Pushed this way and that, slowing down, standing up to make the bike go forward – what a ride.

Tomorrow I may leave the bike home. I need to recover.