Thursday, September 04, 2008


It was a good day. Up early, taught energetically, spoke passionately to a colleague on the matter of the RNC.

Watched the rain outside.

Walked to university committee meetings, got wet, walked back, envied the boots of those who wore boots (of the galoshes kind).

005 copy

Noted the ice cream social at UW (ice cream social… oh well – what’s in a name…), wondered how it is that the servers had THAT much cheer. The rain sloshed down on us all, pouring wet streams down our shirts and into our shoes.

016 copy

But the ice cream was free and we were there and the servers were so cheerful and so we ate…

013 copy

More hours of teaching, and finally the bus right home. Except that my bus pass has expired. But, a friendly soul gives me a ride back. I pick up a rosé at Steve’s (I have much to celebrate today) and head home to listen to the news of the day.