Tuesday, December 03, 2013

drip drip, tic toc...

I wake up to a bit of fog.

DSC02120 - Version 2

And as the day progresses, it thickens. Pea soup? No, worse. Cotton.

Well, that's okay. After breakfast...


...I'm glued to the kitchen table again. And pressed for time. Really pressed for time. Class preparation, coupled with exam finessing, coupled with responding to student queries. Brutal.

Afternoon. Time to head for campus.

And class. Next to the last for me (tomorrow afternoon is the last one). And already I'm feeling sentimental.

It's so late when I finally go home. Outside my office,  Bascom Mall is eerie.

DSC02128 - Version 2

And in the dark, the fog seems impenetrable. I don't drive, I crawl. (And I'm feeling grateful that my flight out is just after this sequence of foggy days passes.)

Home. Ed and Isis are there.

DSC02129 - Version 2

The chili is ready: yesterday's preparation. A salad, a glass of wine. Exhale. Just for a few moments. The next 24 hours will be a whirlwind. But I wont remember that part. In future years, all I'll remember is that it will have been my last day of classes.