Tuesday, August 21, 2007

food and words

I vow that I will never take my camera on my daily run to the grocery store again. What’s the point?

It’s an acknowledgement of failure: today, I did nothing more photographically interesting than this: I made my way over to Whole Foods and back.

True, I am in that bubble that puffs first weeks of pretty much anything into greatness. First week of school, of a relationship, of parenting. Oh, now, wait. The first week of parenting was godawful. Didn’t know what I was doing, but whatever it was, it was wrong. The remaining years? Bliss.

That’s the exception. Ususally the beginning is better than the middle and most certainly far more exhilarating than the bitter end. No, no, quit thinking I hate the AARP years (I’m eligible!), I just like the first week of school better than the last one. And the first one of “serious” writing is far far more exciting than the subsequent ones, when I will likely stare at the screen and think bitter thoughts about my life.

So I am on a writing high. It won’t always be thus. (Truthfully, I am thrilled.)

For you, here on Ocean, I have an insignificant photo taken from the driver’s seat (the sky was dramatic, as was photographing it in the midst of horribly impatient traffic), on my way to Whole Foods. There you have it – my day, composed of many hours by my Toshi (doesn't everyone name their computer?) and a handful of minutes in the pursuit of food.

005 sky, copy