Tuesday, December 27, 2011


...to attend to things. Meetings, lunches – all good, though all taking me away from where I need to be: grading exams.

Still, in all honesty, I welcome the interruptions. The run up State Street...


...through the Capitol, seeing for the first (and last) time the state Christmas tree...

DSC09776 - Version 2

...straight to Graze, where I can get the lunch of my dreams (salad, this one with warm beets and goat cheese)...


...then back to campus, more meetings, good meetings.

And finally, home again. I’m ready for a late afternoon coffee, but Paul’s cafĂ© is keeping irregular hours these weeks and we arrive to locked doors.

No matter. We both now jump into the errand mode – cat litter for the cat sitters (we’re leaving the day after the next), a beard trim for Ed, the thises and thats which make lists long.

Then home once more.


...to reheated chili again. To exams and grading and somewhere in the background the noise of PBS, droning rhythmically, hour after hour while I read exams, until I can read no more.