Thursday, September 08, 2011

ten points

Step outside. What a beautiful morning!

DSC09599 - Version 2

I set out and I have this to say about today:

1. I motor-bike to work and pass a terribly sad road accident on John Nolen Drive. Oh, why are individuals such feckless drivers? Be careful out there!

2. Three classes: I teach three classes today and one of them is really a class and a half;

3. I appreciate the warm sun in the afternoon and the espresso at the end of the teaching day;

4. I visit the Fitchburg Farmers Market and contemplate making a beet chocolate cake, as suggested on the website of the Westside Community Farmers Market, but then decide that’s not too fair and it’s too fattening anyway;

5. I take the political quiz on Ann’s blog and come out placing exactly like Gandhi (with a score of -5.75 on the Left/Right continuum and -3.33 on the Authoritarian/Libertarian continuum -- which is odd because it seemed that on the issues spotlighted on the quiz, I had very few very strong opinions – as if anyone could have talked me down on any number of points, if only they’d put some substance behind the rhetoric);

6. I refuse to cook dinner, pleading utter exhaustion, then change my mind and cook anyway;

7. I vacuum the couch four times as Isis keeps coming in and going out in the restless way that a cat does when the weather is in the way that it is today;

8. I learn from a farmer that it is better to take the husks off your corn before storing it in the refrigerator;

DSC09602 - Version 2

9. I watch Ed work on sanding the paint off the farmhouse and feel only a tinge of envy, but it is short lived as the sound is exactly as one you would expect to hear in a dentist’s chair;

DSC09611 - Version 2

10. At the market, I buy something called “European plums” and almost decide to make ice cream with them, but, upon tasting one, determine that it tastes just like my (Polish) grandma’s plums and she never made ice cream so maybe we should just eat the plums and forget about messing with perfection.

DSC09605 - Version 2