Wednesday, January 26, 2011


My farmers sent me the usual email reminder – this is the day to pick up my CSA spinach. Okay, I remembered anyway. And I was pleased that I had this forced detour because the window for pickups on campus is tiny: between 3:30 (their delivery) and 5 (when the building closes). Meaning I will have to leave my office before dark and I will have an excuse to walk a little, rather than hopping on the bus and hurrying home.

Yes, you might say it’s a colorless walk...


...but not without hidden sweet chirps and chortles.


A walk. Good. But there is another reason to smile at the message. The farmer/author wrote that right now, the spinach is frost sweetened (and wonderful). Think about it! Something is made better, tastier, sweeter by horribly frosty weather.

Too bad it’s just spinach. Too bad it’s not you and me.