Monday, November 07, 2011

home game

I know I keep thinking and saying here that this is going to be my last bike ride to work. Surely the month of November will require a commuting adjustment. But today, the blue skies pushed me to pedal once again. Last time! Really. I’m sure of it. I think.


And here, look how close to winter we are right now. I biked under this new display.


Oh, but the blue of the world around me! This is what makes Wisconsin so sublime, even in the off months. The sky. The great blue sky, so often cloudless. Expansive. Awe inspiring.


The post-work return trip – now that’s tougher. Even though I leave campus early – shortly after three, the sun is rapidly losing its warmth. It’s getting more like November. The blues cease to dominate. I pick up the pace just to get through the hour ride before it gets unpleasant out there.


I meet Ed at the café, but I ask him to come by car so that we slide the bike on the rack and drive home.

Home. Today, after a long period of wondering where home is, it's settled. Home is here. Home is the farmhouse. Here's where I'll stay.