Saturday, November 05, 2011

from markets to rooftops

Hey, let’s salute the farmers! Because it is the end of the season – the last day of the outdoor market and oh, do I ever appreciate all that they have brought to my table the past seven months! So – thank you, men and women of the farmlands. I see you working every day, here, from the farmhouse. The rewards – for us, market shoppers, farm field watchers – are sublime.

So thank you.





It’s a weekend of tremendous amount of work for me and I dare not take many pauses. The market – yes, that. And in the afternoon, I shout up to Ed, who is on the roof, scraping the cedar siding on the high dormers – hey! Break with me for the café!
Yeah, sure, in a little bit...
No, now! The café closes in a few minutes!
Can it be in ten?
I’ll go over and order our stuff. You come in ten.

I’m at the café. They pour coffee, they pour soup for Ed. No Ed.
The doors close, the last customer comes and goes.
My phone rings. It’s Ed. Where the hell are you?
When you leaned out the window to call me? After, you closed and locked the window. Making it difficult for me to get down.


I take soup home, Ed and I sit at the table and talk... about buying a TV. I miss the moments with the big screen.
We look at Consumer Reports, we select the cheapest in its category...
This is the third attempt to reach a decision on a bigger TV set. The last two went back (we purchased one four years back and of course, another just four weeks ago). We’re going to give it one more try. For Thanksgiving. If we can’t find pleasure in the purchase, the bigger TV idea will be shelved for good.

And then it’s back to work for me. Papers to read, to critique, endless endless papers. Was it nice outside today? Wish I remembered. I read that it was the last warm(ish) day of the year. Okay, fine. Hope you enjoyed it.