Friday, January 06, 2017


I can't help but think of this day as the inside of a sandwich. Yesterday was Snowdrop's birthday, tomorrow friends and family will gather for the official party and today -- well, it's the cheese between two slices of baguette.

And a cold cheese it is! I look at the thermometer in the morning and am somewhat surprised that it's hovering near 0F (that would be close to -18C). But a blue sky! I'll take it!

(The venerable farmhouse...)

farmette life -3.jpg

We eat breakfast in the sunroom. And yes, Ed does choose to have leftover cake for his morning meal.

farmette life -2.jpg

It is Friday and so he quickly leaves for his tech meetings. I'm not entirely on a correct shopping cycle yet, but I do have a few items to pick up at the store. On my way to the car (the reliable sweet car that is now 10 years old and however encrusted it is in ice and snow, starts brilliantly every time), I glance up at the crab apple -- such a year-long invitation it is to our birds! There are still plenty of fruits left for the winter months.

farmette life -4.jpg

I pick up just essentials. Cheese. More fruit. Flowers!

farmette life -5.jpg

And then, on this cold cold day, I pick up a bundled Snowdrop.

farmette life -7.jpg

We don't go to the farmhouse. Snowdrop's mommy is at home this afternoon and if that isn't reason enough to go to her house, there is also the matter of birthday gifts: most of her new toys are at home and I know she is anxious to play with them.

She is a delighted little girl. Yes, I know -- she most often is a delighted little girl, but today she is especially effervescent!

farmette life -16.jpg

Her mommy is sending off some thank you notes and Snowdrop insists on helping.

farmette life -22.jpg

(In her new playhouse... Writer's block!)

farmette life -25.jpg

She is full of energy -- you'd never know that she slept just a fraction of the hours she normally sleeps at night.

farmette life -35.jpg

But she has to nap! Really, Snowdrop, you must!

She does. Not nearly long enough, but hey, there's a playhouse in her room and finger puppets and a train downstairs and and and...

Coming, Snowdrop!

Snack time is like the butter or mustard or mayo that ties the cheese to the baguette. I've brought over leftover birthday cake. Eat your healthy stuff and a sliver of the cake is yours. She does. It is.

farmette life -1-2.jpg

Mommy joins in.

farmette life -5-2.jpg

And then we dance. With abandon! And with cookie monster and baby.

farmette life -20-2.jpg

All of us. A bit wild, a lot happy.

farmette life -21.jpg

Evening comes. Her mommy cooks dinner, Snowdrop and I build. Oh, does she love to build!

farmette life -24-2.jpg

And with this the sandwich clamps shut.

Tomorrow -- the other half of the baguette. And here's good news: we may warm up. All the way to 15F (-10C). How about that!