Thursday, January 05, 2017

and now she is two!

A cold, cold January 5th. Clouds, big puffy clouds roll in and roll right out again. Winter. A dreamy kind of day. Cornflower, with whipped cream. Or is it a Snowdrop with whipped cream?

Breakfast. Frothy, steamy milk in coffee. A hot beginning to a cold day.

farmette life -3.jpg

No big outings today. You stay indoors as much as you can.

When I do drive out to pick up Snowdrop from school, I veer toward the lesser lake. No ice fishers out there. Just those big, dozy clouds and the cold cold air.

farmette life -5.jpg

Snowdrop is two years old today. And she knows it! Others in her class have had birthdays already, today it's her turn. (Her mommy bakes cupcakes and I smile at how many times there will be class cupcakes to bake over the years!)

As I come into the school house, I hear Snowdrop say to one of her friends -- this is my grandma.

Say what?? "Gaga" has come and gone??

Perhaps she knows that I am not ready to let go of her littleness because she tells me, almost reassuringly -- This way, grandma. There's gaga's car.

farmette life -9.jpg

At the farmhouse, Ed is, as always looking for ways to break rules. They take apart the floor as I watch helplessly.

farmette life -13.jpg

And then, Snowdrop joyously returns to her play foods.

farmette life -16.jpg

Our big girl! So toddlerish just a year ago. So tall and poised now.

farmette life -19.jpg

(Ed takes this photo as we set up train tracks from extra bits and pieces.)

farmette life -23.jpg

But she abandons all play when Ed puts on a film clip of a train puffing and tooting along a scenic landscape. A real train -- now that's something else!

farmette life -37.jpg

She naps. She wakes up curious, hopeful...

farmette life -5-2.jpg

She spots the hats, ribbons. She wants to try them on. All of them. Finally she settles on pink.

farmette life -15.jpg

I bring out presents. I want to open them!
No, not until after dinner.
Open one present now?
No Snowdrop.
Just this one present?

farmette life -30.jpg

The young family comes, Ed brings home the pizzas, we all wear hats. Except for Snowdrop who decides hatless is cooler. She may be right...

farmette life -38.jpg

A toast to the awesome parents...

farmette life -42.jpg

And then there is that cake -- with strawberries and cream, because she loves strawberries and cream.

farmette life -45.jpg

Yet she realizes the solemnity of the occasion as well...

farmette life -49.jpg

I can see her becoming one of those (like me!) who takes birthday wishes seriously.

...though she never strays too far from her playful self.

farmette life -60.jpg

And there are the presents -- more challenging toys for the growing girl. I'm amused by this one -- Ed picked it and it's so very right for her given her own dad's love of baseball. She is eager to begin!

farmette life -73.jpg

But of course, all play must wait. It's late and, too, it's a school night. The young family bundles up (and bundle they must! It's cold out there) and heads home.

Such a milestone day, coming on the heels of so many other milestones. Or, maybe with children, it's pointless to talk of simple milestones? Maybe each day is a leap onto a wonderful new stage? So much to discover, to learn, to love, to laugh about! So much!

Happy birthday, Snowdrop. May your third year glitter and glow with happiness and love.