Saturday, January 29, 2011

the perfect winter day

Late last night we went to get Ed a replacement shoe. [For the ski shoe he lost, who knows in what fashion, back in December.] And no, you get no discounts if you only need one shoe. The clerk hopes that when he next loses a shoe, it will not be from the same foot. There’s not much you can do with two shoes without a mate.

Ed wasn’t totally ready to give up finding the old one. He had every intention of calling the Dane County parks to see if perhaps... What can I say, the man’s a dreamer.

But it no longer matters because today, we woke up to a 32 degree day. Positively a heat wave. A perfect day for outdoor winter play. Could Ed say no to using his new shoe? He could not.

We drive out to Indian Lake. It is a test by fire: Ed hasn’t skied since the sprained ankle. He’s thinking of maybe doing an easy run to test his capabilities. But how can you go for the flat and boring when you can have the delightful hills around Indian Lake County Park?

It is such a beautiful day to be outside! There, look at the landscape heading out of town!


Okay, so we don’t have the clear blue sky. But the temps shoot up to thirty and this is just perfect for any kind of winter sport!


Indian Lake County Park is probably my most beloved local place of refuge. This is where I took daughters when they were freshly out of diapers (in my recollection of things). And this is where today I can enjoy a week-end day without an agenda.


No rush. No place to be, no list to work through.