Friday, May 06, 2011

moving into May

You’d expect this, of May... flowers, narcissus...

And we’re getting it – the full palate!

Thank you, White Flower Farm, for sending these bulbs last fall. The variety is stunning!


You’d expect this, too. A big sky hovering over the farmhouse. I pause to admire it as I bike to work.


And these – young gosling... I mean, quintessential May. (I do sometimes wonder if perhaps we’re too welcoming to these birds. I mean, shouldn’t Canadian geese move up north when the weather gets warm? They’re just a tiny bit... messy.)


May. Such a month. I try not to have favorites, but May is so easy to love!

I've been at the farmhouse for two and a half weeks now. So why am I not getting my mail? I called my post office that belongs to my previous address. We're on it! We're forwarding! Be patient!  I call them again today. We're on it! We've been forwarding!  But I'm not getting it! Talk to your new post office.

My new post office is laid back. Hmmm. Maybe I'll try to catch your delivery person. Our computers aren't fully functional. I'll call you back.

He doesn't. He's a good guy -- Ed tells me. I call again. Yep, I know, I have a note to look into this. Haven't figured it out yet...

Late. I bike from work to Whole Foods, then home. Ed's there. He's fixed a leaking pipe and is about to adjust curtain rods, in line with a new idea he has in the matter of curtains.

Biking home with groceries strapped to the frame. Overloaded again. You’d expect this, of me.