Saturday, April 12, 2008

from D.C.: life’s flowers

Such a corny subject line, no? But I’ve been thinking about that tons – where and when the flowers of one’s life show up most pronouncedly.

Here's a sure one. Dependable, predictable, rock solid: Daughters. When I visit daughters. The season is of no importance. The days are colorfilled, radiant, full of smiles. The most abundant flower-scapes. It’s always like that. And it’s as if the other one is there as well (and often time she is, on cellphone) and we’re walking together through some place so gorgeous…

I know, corny. But so true.

Of course, one cannot help but note that this time there really are flowers. Everywhere. I’m toward the end of the cherry blossom time and stepping out of the airport, after a stormy morning and a very stormy flight, I was assailed with this:

007 copy

Good-bye morning snowshowers. Hello fuzzy clouds and sunshine. And a temp close to 80. And blossoms. You’re going to get the blossoms. Lots, here, on Ocean. Please, just go along with it – I am so deprived!

016 copy
colors from another continent

019 copy
peeking through

041 copy
the sweep of flowering trees

048 copy

053 copy
playful love

055 copy
playful love, reversed

062 copy