Monday, February 08, 2010


Love. I know, it’s too early to be posting about love. That’s Sunday talk. Valentine’s Day "nonsense."

Still, as I stop at a café to pick up a morning espresso and I see it – the love of the person who has seen it all, and still he likes best what he sees next to him – her. Leaning now so completely on his shoulder.


My instant thought is that I’ve been hanging around State Street too long. (For non-Wisconsin people, State Street is our campus-to-Capitol street, and at my end of it, there are more students per lamppost than anywhere else in town.) The cafés there are laptop places where people drink coffee to buy themselves a spot where they can work.

My second thought is more generous: because really, why does anyone choose to open a laptop at Barrique’s or Espresso Royale or Ancora? Surely for the love of being among people.

Warm flesh, or just someone to look up at every once in a while. To love at a distance. Secretly.


The flush of warmth that comes from being with bundled, busy, preoccupied, wonderful people. Such a reward after a walk alone.