Tuesday, June 24, 2008

high gear

Amos, the co-builder of the writer’s shed, calls early. I’m ready to get on it now. I have the materials you wanted.

Ooops. We’re not ready to have him tell us that the structure is (almost) up and ready to be transported here. Leveling land takes patience and although Ed is known worldwide for his patience, he doesn’t much care for mosquitoes. And there are many, tons in fact, right now. So leveling land has become a monstrous chore and I am no help at all. Compare my role to his:

015 copy

016 copy

We move into high gear. Ed puts on Deet and braves the bugs and I bike over with my work, staying mostly indoors.

And by the way, it is great biking weather. Mosquitoes can’t keep up with cyclists. And there are a lot of us enjoying the many super lovely bike trails around the city.

…and outside the city. This is the point 7.5 mile from my condo, on my way to Ed’s farmette (a mere 12 miles from my home, via bike trails). Shades of green!

007 copy

006 copy

At the farmette, I check on our various plantings and retire indoors. I mean, the audacity! When the Wisconsin mosquito starts hitting on the French lavender, you know that it’s time to close shop and retire indoors.

019 copy

And still, Ed continues to build the foundation for the shed.
In the evening, Amos calls. You gotta love his pace. Which has slowed down again. I’m back to yesterday’s prediction: sometime this summer there will be some part of a writer’s shed, somewhere. You just can’t rush life. Or Amos.