Friday, June 03, 2011


Company’s coming for the week-end.

I should not really say “company,” – it’s so retro, no? My parents used to say, when they were in the diplomatic circuit – we’re having company for dinner. It was never fun company. I would step in and be introduced as the child, and company would ask how old I was, and how school was going, and after answering both, I’d retreat to watch TV in mother and father's bedroom and eat a Swanson’s TV dinner on my lap. Like I said, retro.

My company this weekend is actually such close friends that you could say it’s really like family, but still, I prefer to think of it as these two (plus dog) urban folk who are driving for hours (all five hours) down to spend a few days in the fresh air of rural Wisconsin.

So, time to snip into the lilacs again...

DSC07109 - Version 2

... plan a good menu, and greet them as they drive up the dirt road and walk up the brick path. Hi Karma!

DSC07110 - Version 2

Hi friends!