Sunday, October 27, 2013


A brisk but beautifully bright Sunday. An opportunity to move forward on farmette outdoor projects.

And so indoor work suffers. It's like that -- progress in one domain means that I lose ground in another. Never mind, 75 and counting!

What may I check off as real accomplishments today?

Farmhouse cleaning. Check.

As a result -- a very late breakfast. Check.

DSC01455 - Version 2

Then, as Ed struggles to find solutions for my mom's computer issues, I sneak outside with the  heavy pruners. There are some branches that can only come down if Ed's not staring at me with sad eyes.

So, a good touch-up to the tree pruning: check.

Then, we both work on tidying the raspberry patch. It's only about 20% repaired, but we're likely to let it go now until spring. We pull out the last of the monster weeds, clear some more invasives and rake everything to a good clean finish. Check. Or at least -- to be continued in Spring.

Finally, I work again on painting the porch boards -- the highest ones by the rafters. The ladder is extended, and I spend a good bit of time going up, coming down, moving it over, going up, coming down, moving it over... But by late afternoon the job is done. We'll leave the beams in their natural finish. The rest is painted. Check.

DSC01459 - Version 2

Dinner. I got it in my head that I should make Moroccan chicken. Lots of spices, some squash, onion -- very autumnal, very satisfying. (It's an improvisation on this blogger's recipe. Thank you Ken!)


Daughter and husband are here to share it.

DSC01461 - Version 2

Too few hours were spent today on lecture writing. That's a shame. But, the night can be shortened, the work day extended...