Sunday, August 11, 2013

felling branches and fields of bounty

There is a lot here, at the farmette that (in my opinion) should be pulled out, mowed down or chopped off. With rainy seasons, such as we had this year, things grow madly, willfully, usually in ways that interfere with the growth of something else.

With all that exploding growth, there is also surrender: limbs that rarely see sunlight eventually give up the ship and grow brittle. I can't get Ed to be enthusiastic about chopping off live branches, but he's quite willing to hack away at the brittle stuff and today, we put the new pole chain saw to good use. And if occasionally we took down a live branch, why so be it! As I said, there is much that I wish we would prune back.

Perhaps I haven't told you this -- but there will be a wedding at the farmette next June. Much of my work on the property is with an image of that before me. And why not! It's like cleaning the house for a party -- you may do it with that in mind, but the side benefit is that you have a clean house!

So, some part of the day is spent on working the power pole saw.

DSC04610 - Version 2

...with Isis watching.

DSC04603 - Version 2

Other parts -- on the porch. Not breakfast though. It was raining and I was in a hurry to get to yoga. Maybe you're wondering -- why does it matter? Rain doesn't reach the porch, does it?  Well now, ours is a porch that you enter from the outside. Leave the house, step to the porch. So rain gives you pause.

DSC04590 - Version 2

In other news -- the cucumbers are growing to ridiculous sizes. Usually Ed gets to them before they're over the top. This one he missed. Until today.

DSC04599 - Version 2

Flowers. Can't leave the day without at least a nod to the star performers of this summer.

DSC04613 - Version 2

Finally, I do want to mention that we played an okay game of tennis. And for Ocean readers, I offer a photo taken from the backseat of Ed's motorcycle. Looking toward Farmer Lee's fields of bounty. On our way to the pine scented courts...

DSC04614 - Version 2

...and coming back.

DSC04615 - Version 2

These fields are just across the road from us. I live in a place that is like a great big beautiful painting.