Monday, February 18, 2013


This afternoon, as I prepared to lift myself out of the Donkey car so that I could carry my MacBook Pro laptop in for a check-up (I mean, it shouldn't be crashing every time I work on photos stored within), I thought seriously about taking a day off from work tomorrow.

My back is wagging its finger at me: do not scrub the house so forcefully next time, or be prepared to pay the consequences!

Not moving for a while, a long while, suddenly seemed so very appealing.

The moment passed. At the Apple Store, the Apple Genius at the Genius Bar did this check and that check and then looked me in the eye and said -- I have never, ever in my life seen so many photos stored in iPhoto. Your computer is crashing because iPhoto was never meant to be responsive to manipulations on... (insert 25,000 here) photos. Buy the Aperture Application and your problem will disappear.

How I hate it when people tell me to BUY more stuff. Especially after I am still processing the realization that I underestimated my taxes for the past year.

The Apple Genius, smart as he was about the inner working of my laptop, never even noticed that I was in complete back pain while sitting at the cool-but-very-uncomfortable-for-people-with-pulled-back-muscles stool.

Earlier, I had to scoot and rush to the clinic to have stitches removed from my leg. The nurse asks -- is your leg bothering you? Leg? Who cares about my leg! Please just assist me in lying down on your ever so appealing patient table so that I do not have to support myself in this upright position for another minute. Because my back is killing me!

She tells me worriedly -- maybe you should talk to your doctor. I smile benevolently. I need a few hours lying flat on a hard surface. In the alternative, an Advil or Moltrin or some pill, which, frankly, I should have taken hours ago, but I am just so pill averse and now here I am wanting to pat a sweet nurse on the shoulder to reassure her -- it'll be okay. Let me go now. It'll be okay.

In other news... well, there was breakfast.

DSC09985 - Version 2

And the promise of a mild weather day...

DSC09987 - Version 2

...which will be replaced by less mild days imminently, but who cares. We have a mild day. 

And so it's perhaps odd to be making a pot of tomato soup tonight, but I had pulled out a huge pack of garden tomatoes from the freezer yesterday and there they were and there was I and it seemed right. Even as my back protested the whole while long.

DSC09991 - Version 2

How did you do this to yourself? -- the nurse had asked me earlier.
Well now, I was meticulously house cleaning on Sunday.
You too? So many people told me they did major house cleaning this past week-end.

Sigh. We are a boring lot.