Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday: excitement

We woke up to rain. The farmette is on a slight hill and so flooding here is unlikely, but the ground is so saturated that the courtyard had a half inch of water for us to slosh through on our way to let the chickens out.

Well, okay. But it's morning rain.


After a rather hurried breakfast...


...the skies turned partly blue. Oh, how lovely it is to see that sky again after a week of oppressive humidity alternating with high winds and relentless rain!

The organic cedar oil, even though it was dispersed just before the rain started, still has had a noticeable effect on the mosquito population. For the first time in days I did not have to slap myself silly and shake my head to ward off that hateful buzz every time I stepped into a grassy or shady area.

The tent people arrived: seven muscled men and a heavy canvas structure. Up it went. Every one of them proclaimed that the raspberry island underneath was a delightful little touch. I did not explain that I had been trying desperately to get rid of it and finally, after viewing the nice plump berries ripening on last year's canes, I gave up and let them remain (though thinned out extensively, that's for sure).

Here's how it all looks:


And here's a peak from underneath the tent toward the barn:


Yes, that was one of my projects: climb up a high ladder and paint them a sign, dedicating their love right there on the barn.

And it all worked like clockwork. (Well, almost: the cheepers were underfoot, so several times I had to herd them to the pen. The hens can easily fly out, but at least it keeps Oreo under control. For the wedding, they'll be in the coop.)


And so the chairs came.


The tables came.


The music came (to practice).


And the garden, while it didn't produce nearly the blooms that it should have by now, it's okay anyway. Really okay!


And finally, the wedding party came and tweaked the set up somewhat and made it, well, perfect.

The rehearsal is about to begin.


Oreo calmed down.


The rehearsal was seamless.

The dinner after it, hosted by my soon to be in-laws was splendid.

The weather all evening long was perfect.


The reception for all wedding guests at Cooper's Tavern was beautifully touching, as friends got up to speak about the virtues of these two young adults...

her college roommates

his high school friends

the young couple listening

my older girl with husband and her college friends

The night, this last night of spring was beautiful. Tomorrow: the wedding.