Saturday, January 11, 2020

Saturday celebrations

On the downside, we wake up to some snow, not a lot, but a good layer, covering up an equally good layer of ice. That first burst of wintry mix was icy slick and except for heavily salted highways, all surfaces are, well, icy and slick!

farmette life-2.jpg

On the upside -- oh, everything else! It's a full and beautiful day!

I clean the house thoroughly, even though we've moved tonight's pizza gathering to a more urban location (my daughter's house). Still, there'll be at least a few people coming through this way tomorrow. I also pick up chocolate cream pies at the bakery. And baked goods for breakfasts.

farmette life-14.jpg

And now it's time to scoot over to the dance studio for Snowdrop's friend birthday party. I should say -- friend plus family, because many people have driven up from Chicago to be here -- aunts, uncles, a cousin, more grandparents. And of course, there are those who came in from the coastal states. It's a crowded place! Let's focus on the dancers. Or at least the birthday dancer, who chose Cinderella as the story to which they would all dance.

(I'm impressed with the fact that her dad sewed for her the leotard that she is wearing...)

farmette life-31.jpg

(Sparrow, wishing he could join in...)

farmette life-38.jpg

farmette life-52.jpg

(the dress up and acting out part)

farmette life-88.jpg

farmette life-79.jpg

Cousin arrives from Chicago! ... and immediately heads for the art table...

farmette life-118.jpg

Time to eat.

farmette life-124.jpg


farmette life-127.jpg


farmette life-163.jpg

The little guys go for a little romp. Sparrow really, really likes his cousin!

farmette life-203.jpg

The party ends. We head out.

farmette life-216.jpg

At home, Snowdrop's home, the day winds down. Just a few more papers to tear off...

farmette life-234.jpg

Pizza: fresh and local.

farmette life-250.jpg

farmette life-256.jpg

farmette life-295.jpg

Yep -- Sparrow really likes his cousin.

farmette life-286.jpg

How to end this photo run... this day... How about with a photo of my daughters. It all began with them, and then another generation got added...

farmette life-274.jpg

Good night dearest children of mine!