Monday, April 07, 2008

flying home

The news programs are full of stories about horrendous airline performance in the year 2007.

I could add to those stories, including one based on yesterday’s flights. But I can’t say that I really blame the airlines. It’s how it all works, isn’t it? Airlines try to make a buck (or stay afloat) and passengers have no loyalty – they reach for the cheapest, as they must, because it’s just so damn expensive.

People like me (who fly constantly) know how to hedge their bets and even so, we get days (like yesterday) that make us wonder why we even try.

And still, I just can’t see why I should choose to be surprised. It’s how I approach everything. Perhaps my Polish (under communism) suspicious-toward-market-forces nature clicks in: they’re out to get me and I must defend myself and if I’m really smart, I’ll occasionally score my own small successes.

So, in spite of the difficulties experienced yesterday in my travels home from Boston to Madison, I’d say it was a good day. I got home, didn’t I?

And the flight attendant who told me I should put away my camera because it was an electronic device (forbidden under 10,000 miles)? The other attendant was so incensed on my behalf that she asked the captain for clarification.

For future reference: you can take pictures. Anytime.

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P.S. I’m really loyal to my airlines. I have not flown anything that’s not Air France, Northwest, KLM or Delta (all one happy family) for years. Indeed, if ever anyone invites me to New Zealand, I’ll panic. None of those fly there.