Saturday, August 11, 2012


May I just leave you with a few photos today? It's the kind of day where you don't need much more.

Breakfast. Fruits, yes, but mostly, it's about blueberries. In my mind, all that blueberry stuff is perfectly summerlike. Delightfully so.

DSC05037 - Version 2

Next stop – my daughter’s house. 

 DSC05039 - Version 2

It's partway between the farmhouse and the downtown market. So I stop at her place, unload my bike and we finish the trip together, on bikes.
At the market – let’s look at the carrots and the flower sellers. Why? No reason. The colors are good.

DSC05040 - Version 2_2

DSC05046 - Version 2

After, my girl and I bike the twenty mile loop that takes us through prairie fields...

DSC05057 - Version 2

...and it is not terribly unusual to come across deer once you leave the city confines. Here’s a mommy deer with her young ones (or so we guess).

DSC05053 - Version 2

...and eventually we’re back in Madison, then in her place. I leave her there, returning to the farmhouse by myself.

Let's admire the new blooms that never ever show off their stuff before mid-August.

DSC05071 - Version 2

...and the old ones too, which would have to be the potted pansies that I put in... when, in March? Maybe April? They should have wilted and died once the season turned up the thermostat, but they’re still holding their heads high and I am so proud of their effort!


The day doesn’t end with a review of blooms. Ed and I play tennis, I spend hours on watering again, all that. But let me leave you with the old standby -- our farmhouse. This where I open the door and walk inside and think -- home. I'm home. This is where I exhale.

DSC05076 - Version 2