Tuesday, September 23, 2008

tough week ahead for Ocean

So beautiful outside! So beautiful! The air vibrates with summer warmth. Even though it is no longer summer. Technically.

If you look close, of course, you can tell. It’s sort of yellow out there.

004 copy

I noticed, too, when I biked home after my late class, that there wasn't a sun on the horizon. All gone. Just the pink remains.

011 copy

Sad, really.

But let me change topics. Here’s the scoop: I am speeding to get stuff done so that Friday morning I can take off for California.

Huh? California?

Well, my mom’s there and though she swears that visits aren’t needed, I think that on that point she may be wrong.

And I have this deal going with Ed: we will go together to California for the week-end if I agree to camp the three nights we are there (the fourth night is on a red-eye special, so basically we’re talking about four nights of inadequate sleeping arrangements). I don’t really remember why I once thought this was a good deal.

So on Friday morning, we’re heading west. And then, for two or three days, Ocean will have to stay suspended as I…camp.

There are positives:

We are not going to Big Sur (as originally planned) to camp among the fire damaged tree stumps. Nor Yosemite (as I proposed) to camp among the bears that eat ANYTHING you carry in. Because time is short, we're opting for Big Basin State Park.

There are also the negatives:

It appears that you have to lug water, as the streams at the campsites are nonexistent. So the washing, to say nothing of drinking possibilities are even more remote than during the typical camping experience.

But I am getting ahead of myself. I am at the moment but a stone’s throw from a glorious shower. I have good food in the fridge and a rosé wine chilling for the evening. Why worry about the week-end ahead?

Three nights out in the wild... Whoa! I amaze myself.