Tuesday, January 07, 2014

forgetting about the cold...

...isn't this the perfect day to not go anywhere?

Yes, yes, we woke to bitter cold again. I can't now remember the exact temperature reading. -17 maybe?

It can wear on you, this crazy weather stuff. Cars, pipes, roads, moods freeze. And so it can be tough to just sit back, do your yoga poses and sip chamomile tea, reveling in your good fortune, while others struggle.

But, let's just focus on the delightful bits of prettiness that come with a snowy and sunny day, forgetting for a minute about the cold.

First, a quick walk of the land. There's a ribbon of blue in the sky. That's promising!

farmette winter-2.jpg

Yes, that's right! The clouds are breaking, too, over the farmhouse, creating a dapple of blue over the yellow building.

farmette winter-4.jpg

It's not quite sunny enough for the (otherwise cool) sun room, so we eat breakfast in the kitchen.

farmette winter-9.jpg

Then,  you're going to think this is random, but I did take time to photograph the blooming orchid that sits on a southern farmhouse window. Just because I'm learning my Lightroom Program and I need more than winter scenery to keep my camera (and me) happy. The background in the photo isn't a white wall or curtain. It's snow.

farmette winter-24.jpg

Okay, back to something that looks more like my world right now. The barn, now against a truly blue sky.

farmette winter-25.jpg

All fine and well, but what did I do today? Take brisk runs around the farmette? No, that's just the photographed part. On a day like this, if you have the time, you pull out all stops and get going on all the wonderful projects that you have up your sleeve. Someone told me a few days ago -- if you retire, you'll do less, because you will have so much time that you wont push yourself.

Push? Is there a push? I do not need a push!

In the evening, I go to dinner with Ed and a machinist colleague of his -- someone who is working on a project that overlaps somewhat with the work that Ed likes to do (design tools and machines). I learn a lot when these guys get fired up over an idea or over a past idea. Oftentimes as I listen, I lose the thread of the story. The technical detail is too much. And still, I like to follow the big picture. The whys, the wherefroms. Enthusiasm is a catchy thing. Tonight, some of theirs rubs off on me. (And so my cup of enthusiasm is spilling over right now!)

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Venice, Florida. Just for two nights. I'll tell you the whys of that trip once I get there.