Tuesday, October 18, 2016


The internet's down. I'll go down to the basement and reset the router. I'm trying to not always ask Ed to fix things.

I pick up the black box that we perch on top of the water heater. What's the darn piece of plastic stuck to it? Or is it something else? It's a snake skin! A snake skin??? We have big fat snakes in the basement??


He comes down to confirm my worst suspicion. I just rebooted the machine a few weeks ago so this is pretty recent.
A snake has passed this way fairly recently??
On the upside, they eat mice...

There is always an upside.

It's a brilliant day today.

farmette life-4.jpg

It's getting cool, but not so cool that we can't eat breakfast on the porch.

farmette life-3.jpg

And when I pick up Snowdrop after school, there isn't a doubt that we should spend at least a little time outdoors. The sun is strong, the leaves are gorgeous!

I take a different route today and we pass a house where some enterprising kid is selling pumpkins out on the front lawn (with a can nailed to the porch steps to collect cash when, as now, no one is there). Snowdrop had already been to a big pumpkin patch with her parents over the weekend, but she does love those pumpkins, so why not bring another one home?

farmette life-9.jpg

This then will give us Part I of our fall colors on Ocean: Snowdrop among the pumpkins.

(Let's buy the very smallest one, Snowdrop. This one! It's only $1.)

farmette life-11.jpg

(I appreciate your love of the bigger ones, but I don't think that one will fit in the stroller.)

farmette life-13.jpg

(Oh dear. I do not have a single dollar bill. Let's go to the coffee shop where I can get some change! And yes, I'll get us an oatmeal raisin cookie.)

farmette life-22.jpg

(Ready to go? We have to find the house with the pumpkins again so that I can leave my dollar.)

farmette life-23.jpg

(She likes the pumpkins, but she also likes the leaves!)

farmette life-24.jpg

(Are you sure we can't manage to haul these home, gaga?)

farmette life-35.jpg

(Fine! I love my little one! Warts and all!)

farmette life-38.jpg

(It fits perfectly in the toy stroller!)

farmette life-39.jpg

Part II of fall colors? Well, it happened after my time with the little girl. Ed had taken a kayak out on a river that I had absolutely no interest in navigating. And so I had timeto kill before I needed to go home and start in on dinner.

I go to the Arboretum.

The light is so beautiful now, toward evening! Sure, the fall colors aren't at 100% (a website rates them at 75%). But for me, they are sublime!

Here we go, fall colors Part II:

farmette life-5-2.jpg

(The wild turkeys again...)

farmette life-3-2.jpg

(So pretty!)

farmette life-9-2.jpg


farmette life-16-2.jpg

(And ruby red!)

farmette life-17-2.jpg

Was it a grand day? Yes! -- snake skin notwithstanding.