Wednesday, November 03, 2010

the next day's music

Perhaps it’s odd not to have mentioned yesterday’s elections. I thought (during my bike ride home this evening) of various ways I could take note here, on Ocean, of the absurdities and ridiculousness of some of what I had heard yesterday, listening to various reports on who voted for whom and why and with what justification.

Then I thought how I would wake up and wish I hadn’t fretted here, or anywhere. In this way, I am at odds with so many who find fretting productive.

My day was really quite normal: I’m on my bike early, I teach, I have my usual office hours. In the evening I bike again, picking up my spinach (the first of the winter season! CSA spinach is like no other!), bagels, then eggs...

... for a quiet evening at home. With an inconsequential but lovely supper, and a feeling that the days go on productively, so long as I can push the pedals on inclines and steam a batch of spinach for supper.