Saturday, August 04, 2007

market watch

I like movement. My own, sure, but also of those around me. Man, watch her navigate that street! Look at that guy push his way to the front!

Markets are the best for this. No one is still, life is not boring.

For a farmer, I suppose selling food is almost restful. Compared to planting, tilling, reaping, this is easy stuff.

For me (and yes, I have said this before, numerous times), there’s something immensely beautiful in that final act of presenting the produce. Here it is, I'm showing it off for you, the best of the best.


Just a few photos today. My daughters are distracting me (in the best ways!) and so I’m hardly remembering that I have a camera banging my hip during the market runs. The one above and the next two down are from the Westside Community Market and the last two are from the Farmers’ Market on the Square. All are of women farmers, or their daughters. A coincidence? Possibly. Or could it be that they struck me as especially beautiful this week, the week of daughters?