Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Exasperated. That's the way I would describe Snowdrop's attitude toward the outdoors. Puddles yesterday and then, unexpectedly, totally unexpectedly, the temperatures fall below freezing and overnight, rain turns to ice, then to snow.

Well now, that's what you wanted, right Nina?

Not to be fussy, but I do not regard two inches of icy snow to be a winter wonderland. And neither does Snowdrop. Can we go back to the sunshine, please? We'll take the sunshine! Keep your slippery icy snow!

The cheepers would agree.

On the upside, it is sort of pretty...

farmette life (2 of 15).jpg


farmette life (7 of 15).jpg

And a morning of writing. (ah, but I should always describe the mornings thus!)

When I pick up Snowdrop, she is clothed in a hodgepodge of stuff.
What happened to your dress?
It's wet.
She snuggles into me as I gather her things.
Will you carry me? 

I get it: no nap today.

When we get to the farm, we can play outside a little if you put on all your outdoor gear. Do you want to do that?
No. Will you tell me a penguin story?
I make one up about the penguin who ate too many purple cookies. What can I say, my creative juices seeped out during the morning of writing!

Inside the farmhouse. Happy as a clam. Reaching for the fruit and the books. It is her routine and she loves it to pieces.

farmette life (15 of 15).jpg

Toward the end of the day, she returns to something that you may well remember from months gone by: feeding all her beloveds, big and small, real and not so real, all at her table of treats. Ed is here and she wants him to join us. He never says no to her.

(I post this picture despite its indifferent quality because it is the only time ever that I have seen Ed cuddle dolls in his lap.)

farmette life (7 of 61).jpg

Ever the happy girl when she can serve us all cakes and ice cream.

farmette life (30 of 61).jpg

As dusk sets in, Snowdrop asks me -- is ahah putting away the cheepers?
Yes, of course.
I want to go with him!

It's the first sign that she wants to spend any time outdoors.
Carry me, it's so cold!

I try, but she is slippery and heavy. Down she goes.

Are you sure you don't want your cap?
I'm not cold!
Snowdrop, you're inconsistent.

farmette life (38 of 61).jpg

And once outside -- well, all her reservations and trepidations vanish, like a snow cover on a warm day.

You want to build a snowman?
Ed adds -- you mean a snow clump...
It may work if you two would shovel over some snow...
I'll help!

farmette life (43 of 61).jpg

This is the best that the three of us could do:

farmette life (49 of 61).jpg

And still, she keeps on shoveling...

farmette life (52 of 61).jpg

And yes, she finds the sled... It's cold, dark and icy. She minds none of it.

farmette life (55 of 61).jpg

The night is dark, but there are faint wisps of light to the west, to the north. It  will be a fine day tomorrow! With sunshine!

farmette life (61 of 61).jpg

For sure. I think.