Monday, November 12, 2007

two sunsets, many mommies

I drove out to the country this evening to return Ed his car (don’t ask; pretend I like occasionally driving a red '93 Geo with pink peeling stripes). Twice I stopped to take a photo of the sun, receding over the Wisconsin countryside. You could not ask for different results. Same sunset, different images.

006 copy

007 copy

It’s often like that, isn’t it? Something appears one way and then, two paces later, it looks quite different.

Onto a different topic: I have many mommies! They pop up in the comments section of Ocean and they remind me to wash my hands and wipe my nose before sitting down to dinner. Or some such encouragements.

If only mothers the world over would have daughters who ate their veggies and attended to their physical health as diligently as I do!

Relax, mommies. I twirl and spin the details of a ride, but really, I do take good care of myself. Last week, my doc asked me if I train for the triathlon because I appear so…fit.

[A small btw, Bascom Mall was full of these today:]

001 copy

Small risks, impulsive forays – I admit to both. My real mommy has used the term "irresponsible" to cast doubt on what I do more than once. But give me a break! I attend to my work and I clean my house and pay my bills on time.

And when I believe a bullet has more than a one in a million chance of passing near me, I promise, I’ll wear an orange vest.