Saturday, June 02, 2007

day before

Some people really make a fuss about leaving. They pack forever and take too much - clothing, work papers, reading material -- you name it.

Some people make long lists of essential things that must be done prior to take off ("pay bills," "stop mail," "call mother," that kind of thing) and then proceed not to do them until the last minute, leaving at least a dozen less essential items untouched -- a nice reminder when they come back of their slacking ways.

I have all these tendencies. Mainly I always have far less time than I think I have. But at some point -- for me, typically seconds before a bus or a flight closes the doors on you -- it all stops and you're off. These days, a functional ATM card is far more important than remembering to pack the right bikini for the beach (I'm speaking figuratively here). So you call your credit card company, tell them you'll be spending weirdly, perhaps wildly, so please please do not put a stop to the exotic bills coming from bars on the coast of the Agean! -- and you're off.

I am at that point now. Almost almost out the door. Sunday is a day of travel, so is Monday. Actually so is Tuesday and so is Wednesday. But I have my medium sized laptop and confidence in the Internet and so I'll be back, here on Ocean. Soon, very soon.