Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Tuesday - 74th

Hot hot hot! Steamy clammy summer hot!

Oh, we're not tired of it. Just a little tired from it, which is not the same!

(Cats on the porch...)

farmette life-3.jpg

(One last look at the blooming lilac. It's nearly finished. That's okay -- there's one next to it, and it blooms much later. It'll give us a few more days of that beautiful scent.)

farmette life-7.jpg

With the burst of hot air (where did it come from? It's only May!), come the blossoms of late spring flowers. These are the weeks of the irises.

farmette life-27.jpg

Beautiful doubles, singles, Siberian, German, Japanese, bearded, ruffled, open-faced -- so many irises!  They all have their moment here.

farmette life-28.jpg

I do notice that the bearded ones are growing extra tall. I should have separated and replanted some of them. It's time to order a batch of tall stakes for support.
Ed chimes in: please don't. I'll make you some.
I respond -- you didn't make them last year.
He thinks about it. You probably did not ask.

Within the hour, I have two dozen four foot stakes.

farmette life-143.jpg

But I'm getting ahead of things. First there is breakfast, on the porch. We talk about all those things that promise to make you more anxious for the rest of the day!

farmette life-22.jpg

A morning with the kids, at their home. Snowdrop wants to pretend-play Harry Potter. I'm such a poor candidate for it, having never read the books.

(What's so great about Harry Potter?)

farmette life-37.jpg


farmette life-55.jpg

farmette life-65.jpg

 (What to do next...)

farmette life-71.jpg

(build a city?)

farmette life-88.jpg


farmette life-104.jpg

 (Can you read now, gaga? Not that book... We need to find something more Sparrow friendly!)

farmette life-136.jpg

Later, I drive home in what has to be the hottest of hot May days. I pick up Matt's spinach and asparagus, delivered today and I go inside.

A perfect day for zooming with my friends who are never going to be sympathetic to my cries of hot, living in states that tend to be, well, hotter. Thanks, both of you, for the Zoom chat. I needed that.

Leftovers for supper. Ed and I review the day. I smile a little: for all the differences between us, Ed and I are exactly on the same page with assessing risks, behaviors, now and going forward. And so we talk in shortcuts. I know where he is heading. He knows what I mean. It's a good way to share a life now.

For once, we don't watch our thriller and our comedy. He has been transplanting young trees. He's tired. Me, I sip a glass of wine and listen to the distant rumble of thunder.