Monday, June 23, 2014

the days after

Farmette life always begins in a similar vein and then it takes its twists and turns into something unique. It may not seem that way to you, but really, most days are not like the other.

But the days immediately following your daughter's wedding are singular from the get-go.

Oh, the weather may replicate patterns from before. Foggy, wet... The repetition of stuff that would drive me nuts for its wedding incompatibility. Now? Can't say that I care much. I check the weather only for Wednesday, to see if there may be flight delays for my connections out of here. Otherwise, I am living a weather detox.


I spend a lot of time on the porch today. Breakfast...


...and then a longer spell with a couple of "out-of-towners..."


In that time, it rains, a steady rain that is rather pleasant to witness from the shelter of the porch.

The young couple stops by as well --  to pack up all they'd brought with them from the Twin Cities. It is good, too good to see them. For a second, they make us feel like we are still in the thick of celebrations. Or better -- that they had stopped over for a quick hello, on their way home just around the corner.



We say our post wedding good byes.

After, I hang two bouquets in the sun room.


Right next to the ones I had from my older girl's wedding. I'm not sure they'll last: a spring flower has a different stem and texture than a late summer bloom. But for a while I'll have a bit of the young couple inside the farmhouse with me.