Tuesday, January 16, 2018


A friend reminded me yesterday that we've hit the middle of meteorological winter. Well then! We have many weeks left for significant snows! Half over, but a whole half before us.

In the meantime, I have to admit -- I'm enjoying the few inches of powder that we have on the ground now. It's cold still, but I hear we'll be drifting past freezing again this weekend. That's a warning: play now, because it may all disappear by Sunday.

Not you, girls! Don't get too brave. Turn right back -- we'll talk about food once you're in the barn.

farmette life (4 of 80).jpg

They said it would be a cloudy day. Well now. Prove them wrong!

farmette life (10 of 80).jpg

Slowly, the sky moves from gray to misty blue... (This view is of the farmette land, as seen from the road.)

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But if I am enjoy the snow, it has to be a solo act, or, later in the day -- with Snowdrop. Ed, after avoiding everyone's sniffles, has finally succumbed to some mild version of something or other. He wants to come down for breakfast, but I suggest this as an alternative: upstairs, under the quilt,

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As I work in the kitchen, I look out to see visitors. I watch to see if they're finding for sustenance. Seed pods. (Note one in her mouth?) The ones from our lotus trees. Go for it -- there are still several million lying around the yard. (And please leave vulnerable trees and plants alone. Thank you!)

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When I pick up Snowdrop from school, I just assume she'll want to head straight for the farmette yard. She doesn't.
I just want to go inside, to read some books and eat fruit and play...
I surely am not going to push her into being out in this cold weather. I lug in her snow apparel, take off mine and start putting it all away.
Grandma, I really do want to go outside!
Whaaaat? Now??

I laugh. She laughs. And honestly, she doesn't stop laughing, giggling, teasing for a long, long time.

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... after I've put away all our winter stuff?

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Can I take my baby?

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Faster, grandma! I loooove fast!

farmette life (40 of 80).jpg

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After a half dozen small hill runs -- down and up, down and up... -- I'm ready for a change.
Let's shovel ahah's sheep shed walk!

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I'm going to cover you with snow, grandma!

farmette life (57 of 80).jpg

Snowdrop, I have snow everywhere!

farmette life (64 of 80).jpg

Let's go inside.
But I don't want to...
Let's see if ahah will share his cookie with us.

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And back to laughter...

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Yes, snow with sunshine will bring out the best in us! (A nap and a good snack help.)