Wednesday, March 22, 2017


It's odd to be in Poland for only one week and on top of this -- to cut out for two days right in the middle of the stay. Yes, I admit it -- it's a bit odd. But I don't shy away from the odd. Too, it's very true that my travel and my connections are greatly influenced by the availability of inexpensive flights. This Paris interlude smack in the middle of my Warsaw week and this was the only way I could spend a wee bit of time in France on the cheap.

It's a relaxed kind of a getaway. In the morning, I have a leisurely breakfast in my apartment...

Warsaw and Paris-2.jpg

I listen to the sound of my neighbor who still appears to be angry at his son, and then to the much more pleasant sound of children's voices outside. I peek out and watch them walk two by two -- young kids doing an outing. So common here, that not a day goes by when I don't run into many such groups.

Warsaw and Paris-3.jpg

I close up my apartment and take my bus from here...

Warsaw and Paris-5.jpg

... to the airport. Good bye Warsaw (see you tomorrow!)...

Warsaw and Paris-10.jpg

Hi, Paris!

Warsaw and Paris-14.jpg

I step out of the RER train station and immediately I am in the Luxembourg Gardens. This always is my welcome to Paris.

It's slightly warmer here. For me -- it's wonderful! Warsaw is a tiny bit ahead of Madison in terms of spring, and Paris is a hefty bit ahead of Warsaw. It's thrilling to  see the flowers, the green grass, the kids with their sailboats, adults with friends and lovers...

Warsaw and Paris-19.jpg

Warsaw and Paris-21.jpg

Tulips, primroses -- they're all up and blooming. How good is that!

Warsaw and Paris-28.jpg

(Actually, quite a number of things are blooming...)

Warsaw and Paris-29.jpg

I'm in my hotel room ever so briefly. Time for a selfie or you'd never know that I was really on this trip!

Warsaw and Paris-32.jpg

Out for a walk now. Not only me and my high spirits. Him and his dog, too.

Warsaw and Paris-36.jpg

I pass a cafe where you can munch on the neighboring bakery's pastries. It just so happens that the ones that look the best (in my view) also have the best name...

Warsaw and Paris-39.jpg

I eat dinner at restaurant l'AG. I tried it last time, loved it, was able to reserve a table for tonight. I wont show you pics of food. My time in Paris is so short that spending it on describing food on Ocean seems to be even odder than taking the time to fly out here for an overnight. But I'll include this one photo of the two people who work the tables at the tiny (but oh so great) little restaurant. I think they're in love. Don't you?

Warsaw and Paris-45.jpg

Bonne nuit, bonne nuit... Think spring thoughts. Dream about pussy willows and primroses.