Sunday, March 21, 2010

a field of crocuses

A green day. My balcony is stripped clean of last year’s debris. I make way for the plants of spring!

The day is bright and honest. I honestly clean the house and brightly set out for a walk in the Shorewood neighborhood. (Ed and I stroll there when there is no time for an outing.)



Snowdrops, blue drops, fantastic, yes, utterly pretty.

But I’m looking for something else... Crocuses! Yes, I see the flower that first caused me utter delight, fifty years ago, on a springtime mountain slope of Poland.


I saw them then and gasped.

Today, you might conclude I’m more jaded. I’ve lived through 56 springs, I’ve seen my share of crocuses.

And yet, on the Shorewood hills, in the few minutes where I leave books and shops behind and step out to enjoy the brilliance of the day, I am, once more, utterly enthralled!


In the evening, I sit with shop friends at a neighborhood hangout and sip a margarita...


... and think – this is such a momentous day. Such a good day. Such a spring forward to crocuses day!