Sunday, March 04, 2012

where has all the color gone?

If yesterday I could hardly decide which garden was worthy enough, colorful enough, delightful enough for inclusion here, today presented no such dilemma. Early in the morning Ed asks – want to ski? I mumble – uh huh, and shortly after ten we’re on our boards. (Midwesterners are of few words and I understand why that is so – don’t open your mouth if you don’t have to...keeps the flies out in the summer, conserves energy in winter.)

Most assuredly it is our last ski run this year. Despite the “heavy” snows of Friday, there are places where the ski picks up most of the white stuff,  so that the person behind gets to glide on Dalmatian like terrain.

Still, we have a fine little run.


Black and white, yes, that. (Oh, where are the Berkeley pinks and yellows?

DSC00626 - Version 2

In Wisconsin, right now, even the birds are black and white.)


So, goodbye winter, right? The week ahead has a warming trend and after that, we’ll be looking for buds and the emergence of the first crocus, no? I'm hoping.

DSC00640 - Version 2