Saturday, July 27, 2013

stormy skies

My flights dipped and twisted around the storms that hovered between Lexington and my home town. I was leaving Lexington under a gray cloud cover and that tumultuous bit of sky stretched north, all the way to the Great Lakes.

Though my flights were early in the day, I nonetheless took the time to drive once more through the countryside before returning the car. There is something here, in the blue grass hills of Kentucky that bears taking note of and I wanted, once more to think horsey hilly thoughts before heading home.

DSC04140 - Version 2

Not a long drive. But then, you do not have to go far to find this:

DSC04130 - Version 2

Black fence, white fence, stone fence, marking pastures for the thoroughbreds who have been grazing on the grasses of this continent since as early as 1730.

DSC04143 - Version 2

I worked on both flights (and, too, in the minutes between flights), nearly oblivious to the storms below, but not so oblivious to landing here with the lowest July high temp ever in Madison. 66! I asked Ed to bring a jacket to the airport.

I wont give you home photos yet -- you'll have plenty of those once I fall back to old routines. So I'll just make this post ever so brief and end with Kentucky. Because truly, it was a deeply moving journey there. And isn't that the way it should be...

DSC04125 - Version 2