Thursday, July 14, 2011

work day

Even if you take a summer semester off, you never really take it off off. There isn’t a day when a work issue doesn’t cross my path, with deadlines, requests, -- the usual.

Still, this summer of no teaching is remarkably different for me. Not only is there the “no teaching” part, there is, too, the significant time away from campus. I almost never go in.

Except for today.

And it is a shame that I had to spend the day in my office, because the weather was fine and there is the excuse to act in a slightly more holiday-ish manner if you follow at least some French habits. Bastille Day. What did I do to celebrate my enduring love of spending so many wonderful vacation moments in France? I made a French meal. Elaborate? Nah. It was a work day. Salad, omelet with champignon, baguette and cheese. And wine from a box. I tell you, work days are work days.