Tuesday, December 16, 2008

from France: come to Nice!

Listen, if the city of Nice has 300 sunny days per year (so counted in, for example 2005) and if most of the rainy days are in October and November, only a handful (of days where there is no sun at all) remain for the rest of the year. And I’ve had them all! So your chances are overwhelming that you will experience that fantastic deep blue of a Cote d’Azur sky.

In our last four days in Nice, we had none of it.

(Even the sea, typically so blue it hurts, had a vast spread of brown from where the river gushed silt into it -- see photo below.)

But, undeterred, on our last day here, we set out on the great Nice hike in the park above the old harbor.

064 copy

I wont write more about the day as we have a bus to catch and then a flight and another and then a bus again and one hopes that at the end of it all we’ll be in Madison. From there, I’ll post a summary of our final quirky, splendid, seasonally appropriate, and still unusual day in Nice.

A bientot!