Thursday, August 28, 2014


Well now, this day surely belongs to my writing project. I know of a blogger-author-type-person who always mentions in her blog how many words she had written that day and I've never known if her numbers are unusual or superb, but today as I struggled to finish the editing of what I have so far, I did the conversion of words to book and came up with the internet figure of 320. Were I to end the text today, I would, it appears, have 320 book pages. And that's without an index!

I am not finished. But I see the light at the end of this and I will soon have to make up my mind as to what the next step should be. To say nothing of what the next writing project should be! It is thrilling to think that I may in fact live long enough to see another writing project. For a while I did conclude I would never reach the end of this one.

[My list of possible book type people (agents) is very short. Like two names. And I don't even know if they're still alive at this point -- I wrote their names down some eight years ago! If you have ideas as to who may be helpful in bringing this project to its end, do send me an email!]

Of course, the day had the usual in it. The late start. The garden walk.


The breakfast.


And, too, it had a bike ride, because my daughter and her husband are gone for the day and I promised I'd check in on their cats. No photos of kitties for you, but I'll give you one of the prairie fields on the way to their place...


And a photo of the scene I encountered on my way there: it was the international rope pulling competition. Right here, in Madison! Who knew (that there was such an event)?!

in this event, Switzerland (in blue) beat Holland

And in the evening, I cajole Ed into taking me out to dinner. I even put on a skirt for the occasion! True, it's an old skirt, on an elastic band that is so frayed that I feel skinny in it because the waistband droops. But still, a skirt. (I ask Ed from the other room -- did you even notice what I'm wearing? He answers -- of course! What is it ? Blue! Okay, that's not exactly an answer, but let's go with it -- on the top or on the bottom? Top!  Hmmm... he got some of it right.)

We go to our standby favorite -- Brasserie V, where we can sit at the bar and stuff ourselves with mussels and fries and walk away happy.


Happy. Can you find reason to be happy tonight? Oh, I hope so!